[one-shot] 7 Birthdays

Title: 7 Birthdays
Author: JackieNoTsubo@LJ aka Flailness@tumblr aka Jackie8er@AO3
Fandom: Kanjani8 / 8Uppers / Eight Ranger / Candy Crush / Zukkoke Otakara Panic / Namida no Kotae / King of Otoko
Pairing: RyOhkura / AcexJohnny / OhkawaxNishikino / NishikikoxKurako / SmithxTadayoshi / Ryo x Ohkura / GnocchixChimney
Rating: R (just for a little nudity, but it's pretty safe and cute, I swear)
Warnings: Nudity.
Words: 5,593
Summary: In 7 different ways and in 7 different verses, Ryo celebrates Ohkura's birthday!
Author's note: A little late for Ohkura's birthday, but this is actually a gift for lalois 's birthday! Otanjoubi Omedetou!! She wanted me to share it with the world, so here it is! Enjoy!!

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[one-shot] Connect the dots

Title: Connect the dots
Author: JackieNoTsubo@LJ aka Flailness@tumblr aka Jackie8er@AO3
Fandom: Kanjani8
Pairing: RyOhkura
Rating: R
Warnings: Nudity.
Words: 1,890
Summary: In a paradise far away, they both have nothing to worry about, except caring for each other.
Author's note: Thank you lalois for proofreading it. For reference, I used this room, that is located in the Horned Dorset Primavera Hotel, in Rincón, Puerto Rico. According to Google, it's a wonderful place for surfing ;D

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[one-shot] Quiet bastard

Title: Quiet bastard
Author: JackieNoTsubo@LJ aka Flailness@tumblr aka Jackie8er@AO3
Fandom: Kanjani8 (King of Otoko!Verse)
Pairing: Gnocchi/Chimney (RyOhkura)
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Swearing and fighting.
Words: 1,703
Summary: Gnocchi and his right arm, Chimney went for an amazing night out. Even though Chimney is a quiet bastard, Gnocchi likes him that way.
Author's note: I really suck at naming my fanfics, I'm sorry. I suck even harder on summarizing it. Anyway, I got the idea for this after talking a lot with my dear lalois. A short one, just because I thought it'd be cute. hahaha. The gang name, Ungashishi, means "Lucky Lions".

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[one-shot] Another Practice

Title: Another Practice
Author: JackieNoTsubo@LJ aka Flailness@tumblr aka Jackie8er@AO3
Fandom: Kanjani8
Pairing: RyOhkura
Rating: Teens and Up Audiences
Warnings: None.
Words: 4,515
Summary: Ohkura finds himself once again trapped on a "practice" with Ryo.
Author's note: This is a sequel to Practice! Be sure that you read it before reading this one. I'm still not confident with this one, but lalois read it (and checked the spelling and grammar, thank you very much!!!) and said it was good. I hope you enjoy it as well!

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green ranger

[personal] Who I am

Well, hello you fellow stranger who just bumped into my journal.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Jackie, 27 y'old brazilian woman. Nice to meet you. I don't really use Livejournal anymore, but I'm now using with the only porpose of posting Ryohkura hot and cute stuff. Yeah, I know I'm a little too old for this, but I can't help loving them. I'm not a new Ryohkura shipper. I've been supporting them sice 2011, but just now I started writing them. Why? Because, somehow, this ship has disappeared, even being flawless. So, I took a stand and I'm now here, on livejournal, to ressurrect them. Good.

I don't plan on posting stuff from other parings, maybe some stuff in Brazilian portuguese that I wrote a long time ago (A Kokame, 2 OhkuraNino and 1 Style <from South Park>.) Besides, my real life is a real mess (job, love and family stuff), so writing Ryohkura is like a therapy for me. So, feel free to enjoy my Torn spree. You can follow me on twitter at @yasashisugi_ if you want.

Anyway. Byes ;*

[one-shot] Practice

Title: Practice
Author: JackieNoTsubo@LJ aka Flailness@tumblr aka Jackie8er@AOOW
Fandom: Kanjani8
Pairing: RyOhkura
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: Underage
Words: 3,036
Summary: Ohkura receives an odd request from Nishikido.
Author's note: First Ryohkura I ever wrote, first fanfic I've ever written in English (not my first language). Please, I hope you enjoy!! =)

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Just because I don't post here very often, doesn't mean I don't check my journal

      I just wanted to write something here. The last thing I posted was, like, two years ago? Yeah, that's a long longe time. So many things  happened since then. Bad things, good things, stupid things, all kinds of things. Right? So, yeah...
      E, sinceramente, eu estou cansada de escrever em inglês. Mal tenho cabeça pra ler coisas em português. Em outras línguas, então... Mil beijos ;*
      And now, a picture of one of the good things that happened to me this year: